Risk Strategies Broker Mary Pontillo Recognized as a 2021 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Mary Pontillo, National Fine Art Practice Leader, Risk Strategies

Mary Pontillo
National Fine Art Practice Leader
Risk Strategies, Charlottesville, Va.

When Mary Pontillo’s client, a registrar with an estate collection, had pieces on tour in Europe, he had a few questions about one facility report.

“It was an old building with a few renovations made to modernize it,” he explained.

But he didn’t understand how the building would handle a fire. The report, because it was from another country, wasn’t as clear as it could be.

Pontillo jumped in.

“She came through on how to handle the security elements when it came to fire safety,” the client said.

She reviewed the report and found that the building had a spine where the fire team could connect on each level of the building. This helped the registrar decide how to proceed.

“Not only did she recognize the need to read through the facility report, but she could facilitate the follow through,” the client said.

Another client was working with a broker who wouldn’t readjust her rates every year. But with Pontillo, it’s been three years of “the best rates and best coverage possible.”

The foundation that this client worked for had a gallery in a location that was impeded by Black Lives Matter protests last year.

While a majority of these protests remained peaceful, there was still the fear of one turning destructive. Pontillo took it upon herself to keep her client informed of its coverages and what steps might need to be taken in case of an event. Pontillo checked in regularly to see if anything had happened to the building or the art inside.

“She made it so that I felt everything would be okay,” the client said.

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