HUB International Broker Gerald Stoll Recognized as a 2021 Health Care Power Broker

Topics: Health Care

Gerald Stoll, Chief Sales Officer, HUB Healthcare Solutions, HUB International

Gerald Stoll
Chief Sales Officer, HUB Healthcare Solutions
HUB International, New York

A company was facing a near doubling of its insurance premium last summer for one of its skilled nursing facilities when it called Gerald Stoll. The call was on a Thursday for a policy set to expire Sunday, said an executive at the company, who did not believe the increase was warranted. “This facility was capable, had a good staff, low turnover. It didn’t make sense.”

The next day, Stoll found less-expensive coverage that offered another perk: It did not exclude liability coverage for COVID-19. “I wouldn’t have blamed him if it didn’t work out,” the executive said. “But he came through, which was really incredible.”

Stoll came through on another key front for a different skilled nursing client. Like many of its peers, the New York facility was facing a shortage of personal protective equipment; Stoll helped procure what was needed.

“It just shows what a wide-ranging reach that he has in the industry,” said an administrator at the facility, who described Stoll as a teammate. Stoll also helped the facility avoid a premium increase when it renewed insurance last year, the administrator added. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, Stoll analyzed the facility’s loss history over the last few years and discovered the facility could afford to retain some of its risk.

But Stoll didn’t just make a recommendation, he helped the facility prepare to absorb the risk, which made the facility’s owners more comfortable with the idea, the administrator said.

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