Alliant Insurance Services Broker Brendan Quinlan Recognized as a 2021 At Large Power Broker

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Brendan Quinlan, Senior Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Brendan Qunlan
Senior Vice President
Alliant, San Francisco

Everyone wants claims paid quickly, but in the energy infrastructure world, where a loss could leave thousands of people without heat or electricity, time is truly of the essence.

“We have very, very quick turnaround when we have business interruption or property damage claims for money in the door,” said one client in renewable energy infrastructure.

“And Brendan gets the insurance underwriters out of the way, meaning we’re the experts that can fix the sites and alleviate the financial loss. He’s very, very involved and very good at getting them to accept the claim and allow us to repair things as fast as possible.”

That level of advocacy is just one of Brendan Quinlan’s strengths as a broker.

That same client was unable to find coverage for a facility they had acquired. “People weren’t even interested in providing coverage for it,” said the client.

“Mr. Quinlan, just through bartering, through investigating markets we weren’t in, through going international … and limiting the risk profile of certain underwriters, was able to find us a solution that was better than we thought we would get.”

Of course, finding coverage is only helpful if the rates make sense, and going into renewals, the client’s direct competitors were reporting 30% to 70% increases in premiums.

“We got through our renewable period with just over a 20% increase,” said the satisfied client.

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