Aon Broker Peter Schimeck Recognized as a 2021 Retail Power Broker

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Peter Schimeck, Vice President/Team Leader, Aon

Peter Schimeck
Vice President/Team Leader
Aon, Chesterton, Ind.

The national retailer was not expecting an easy renewal last year. But then came the protests and civil unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The retailer had a significant number of stores that were burned or burglarized, said the retailer’s risk manager. Those damages came on top of the harm inflicted by a severe hurricane season in the Southeast.

“We got hit two times,” the risk manager said.

Despite the challenges, Peter Schimeck was able to position the risk for a successful renewal. Premiums rose, but the increase was below the sector’s average. Most importantly, the retailer preserved a favorable structure for its deductibles, the risk manager said.

“That was a big help,” the risk manager said.

Schimeck already is preparing for what is expected to be another difficult renewal in 2021, the risk manager added. “He’s diligent. He just drives the process forward, doesn’t get distracted and keeps the goal in mind at all times.”

For another national retailer, Schimeck’s goal was negotiating coverage following a large acquisition that involved new wind exposure and past hurricane losses. Schimeck negotiated a rate that brought in the new locations at a rate 40% below what they head been paying.

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