AssuredPartners Broker Reid Clary Recognized as a 2021 Agriculture Power Broker

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Reid Clary, Senior Sales Executive, AssuredPartners

Reid Clary 
Senior Sales Executive

Reid Clary sees himself as a strategic partner to his clients, helping them prepare for the future by protecting themselves in the present. 

“We’re growing and have been adding a lot of employees and vehicles over the past year, as well as a new facility. Reid is always very proactive and involved; always makes sure to come out and tour our plants. More recently, he placed a builder’s risk policy for us, because we were constructing a new location ourselves without a general contractor,” said the operations manager at one soil testing firm. 

Clary is always keeping an eye out for coverage gaps, especially for newer clients. In the process of learning about their business, he maps every exposure back to the policies in place. 

In one case this past year, he realized that one client was significantly undervaluing the cost to repair and replace facilities and equipment in hurricane-exposed regions.

At the time, one bad storm could have left the firm shouldering as much as 50% of the costs of recovery on its own.

The discovery enabled the company to update its valuations, increase its coverage and improve its resilience against unpredictable weather. 

As clients grow, Clary’s approach evolves with them. He keeps alternative risk transfer solutions front of mind, which may better address complex exposures, such as increased self-retentions, captive structures, parametric policies and warranty products. 

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