Gallagher Broker Michael McHugh Recognized as a 2021 Public Sector Power Broker

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Michael McHugh, Area Senior Executive Vice President, Gallagher

Michael McHugh
Area Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Michael McHugh is Illinois’ number one choice for public schools.

“It might just be me, but I’m pretty sure Mike’s Illinois’ most respected individual in the business,” said client Sean Carney, assistance superintendent for business services CSBO, Stevenson High School District #125.

There’s no wonder why Carney believes this; McHugh has exceeded his expectations time and again. Whether it be COVID or cyber, workers’ comp or even just managing the district’s cooperative, McHugh is there.

“This year, with COVID, we had to put high school sports on pause,” Carney said.

For a while, it was dicey. The state’s governor and the IHSA weren’t in agreement on the next steps forward. The governor said no, but IHSA said yes. Carney needed to see what that would mean for him.

“Mike pulled together a legal team to review my liability if the season were to happen. They also reviewed the legalities behind hosting a season despite the governor’s mandates.”

For Jennifer Hermes, COO, Lake Forest Community High School District #115, “I never feel like a number to Mike.”

Hermes relies on McHugh to keep her up-to-date on all things cyber. McHugh was able to get her the coverage she needed and informed her people of what they would need to do in the event a cyber attack occurred. Hermes fielded many questions from her board members during the virus. McHugh informed her on the biggest issues and changes happening, giving her immediate answers to her questions.

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