Gallagher Broker Hannah Adams Recognized as a 2021 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Hannah Adams, Account Executive, Gallagher

Hannah Adams, CLCS
Account Executive
Gallagher, Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Broker Hannah Adams has demonstrated her willingness to go deep and broad for clients.

One example is the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), with operations in 60 different countries, each with their own unique concerns.

Early on, she impressed WCS by attending a relevant security briefing in Washington, D.C., sitting in on training sessions and taking the initiative to learn the nuances of its vast risk portfolio. The organization considers her a “quarterback” of the risk management team with a wealth of knowledge and a rare combination of “enthusiasm and ethics.”

WCS, whose U.S. operations include the Bronx Zoo, in early 2020 saw its four-year-old Malaysian tiger Nadia make headlines when she contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Adams assisted with that immediate crisis as well as the other pandemic concerns facing the organization. She did so by leading the team in helping WCS file a claim under various insurance policies, all while monitoring this new risk.

At the same time, Adams helped WCS implement new procedures on safety, hygiene and cleaning procedures specific to COVID-19. In addition, Adams worked on new regulations affecting global operations as it was discovered that felines could contract the virus.

On the bright side: Nadia has made a full recovery, and Adams’ efforts have been rewarded.

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