Gallagher Broker Daniel Buckley Recognized as a 2021 Education Power Broker

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Daniel Buckley, Senior Vice President, Gallagher

Daniel Buckley
Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Quincy, Mass.

Athletic programs are a cornerstone of campus life, a magnet for prospective students, and a top driver of revenue for universities. But they also present complex risks.

Broker Daniel Buckley “knows the intricacies of Division I athletic programs and having worked with colleges of all sizes, brings that breadth of knowledge to our account. Dan is also an expert with the student accident policy and has on many occasions spoken directly with student, parents and providers on our behalf,” said John Meriano, AVP for auxiliary services at Quinnipiac University.

“Given the pandemic and subsequent starts and stops of our school year this past fall, as well as that of our athletic programs, we struggled with insuring a program for students who are not on campus and not practicing. Dan found that we could save some premium dollars by adjusting our renewal dates, adopting a shorter policy period that would allow some creative cost savings for our athletics department.”

Buckley helped another client with athletic program claims by leveraging his knowledge of service providers and relationships in the marketplace.

“Dan significantly improved the administrative time spent adjudicating intercollegiate sports claims and reduced the university’s cost by engaging a third-party administrator to manage claims. Yet, even with the outsourcing of claims, Dan remains vigilant of the service level provided by the TPA to ensure it meets the university’s expectation,” said the client.

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