Alliant Insurance Services Broker Michael Menerey Recognized as a 2021 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Michael Menerey, Senior Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Michael Menerey
Senior Vice President
Alliant, Los Angeles

When it comes to mastering his craft, Michael Menerey strives to continually learn about marketplace trends and innovation, educate his clients on cutting-edge solutions and encourage them to adopt and experiment with different strategies.

“Five years ago Michael set in motion a plan for us to go from a fully insured health insurance model to a self-insured health insurance model,” said David Uhler, vice president of finance at Kenai Drilling.

“Michael and his team saw the trends in the industry and understood that we could only gain effective control of our health insurance costs as a company by going to a self-insured model which would provide us with the necessary claims data to effectively make decisions.”

Ashleigh Szkubiel, benefits manager at the County of San Luis Obispo, said that when it comes to representing public sector clients in health care, Menerey could approach his role very transactionally because of how complex public sector change can be, but he is not wired that way.

“He has always been honest, realistic and innovative about how we can take active steps to improve healthcare and costs for our agency and employees,” Szkubiel said.

“He also understands the value equation and how to steer his clients to best utilize their finite resources. He clearly understands the industry and what savvy employees can do to make it a better system for themselves and employees.”

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