Marsh Broker Dawn Buelow Recognized as a 2021 International Power Broker

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Dawn Buelow,  Senior Vice President, Marsh

Dawn Buelow
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Chicago

2020 tested even the best international brokers, but Dawn Buelow powered through many significant challenges to achieve great results for her clients.

Her specialty is building unique global programs for difficult risks that have been unable to find viable solutions elsewhere.

One client spun off from its parent company this past year and purchased a large unit from another company. It needed coverage quickly.

In just nine days, Buelow orchestrated a global cash-flow solution with 34 country underlayers and various nuances. Her specialized international and cash-flow knowledge made this deal possible.

The client noted that it “seemed like the eleventh hour as we were new and trying to understand what we had just bought, but Dawn turned things around, and the outcome was just phenomenal.”

Buelow also works with her clients proactively to ready them for future audits and regulatory challenges. She understands the regulatory climate and changing trends and passes that intelligence to her clients.

One client praised this ability and explained Buelow was instrumental in helping it redesign the way it archives clinical trials documentation with significant efficiencies found.

“The chief benefit is that we are able to produce more meaningful reports for regulatory audit bodies,” said the client.

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