Aon Broker Kathleen Crowe Recognized as a 2021 Public Sector Power Broker

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Kathleen Crowe, Account Executive, Aon

Kathleen Crowe, ARM, RIMS-CRMP
Account Executive
Aon, Washington, D.C.

Randy Jouben, director, risk management, Fairfax County Government, knows what above and beyond service looks like — for him, it’s Kathleen Crowe.

“She is task- and time-oriented. She has everything in order, so we know we are completing what we need to on time.”

This year, Jouben knew he’d be facing a constricting global property market. With a large portfolio of buildings spanning government offices, community housing, health centers, condos, a prison and more, Fairfax County has a lot of diverse businesses to insure.

“This year the incumbent broker didn’t want to write coverage,” he said. Crowe went to bat. “She looked at all the ways to structure our limits. She asked questions, like should we go with different deductibles, and if we did, she figured out what that should look like. She was able to explain our unique story to the carrier to get us what we needed.”

Bethany Herrington, manager, risk management, General Dynamics, concurs.

For her, Crowe has been her right-hand person after joining GD a year ago. For her, it was comforting coming into a new role to a broker who could help. “Katie is always available, day or night, to provide support to my team.”

“She’s a marathon runner, which can tell you a little bit about her personality,” added Amanda Chittenden, director, insurance risk management, Laureate Education. “Katie’s dogged; she’ll keep going until she has the right answer for you. Then she hammers away until any issue is resolved.”

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