Marsh Broker Scott Francis Recognized as a 2021 Technology Power Broker

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Scott Francis, Managing Director, PacNorth FINPRO Leader, Marsh

Scott Francis
Managing Director
Marsh, San Francisco

Scott Francis believes foresight and risk differentiation for individual clients to be the key to success in a market where “every deal, no matter the risk profile, is under significant pressure.”

Tiffany Hui, associate general counsel for Zoom Video Communications, was one client under such pressure.

“This past April, we had our D&O insurance renewal after our first year, and we had a very challenging renewal due to the timing,” Hui explained.

“A month before the renewal, we thought it was easy-peasy, and then it was not. Scott was able to help us navigate working with the tower to understand the claims we have now, where they fall in, which carriers were still willing to renew given what was coming out of the woodwork, and which ones were not.”

As some carriers became skittish, Francis and his team remained steadfast.

“We’re working with an already inverted tower, and they were able to fix that even as part of their renewal, despite having several carriers removing themselves from the primary layer,” Hui said. “We had to pull it together quite quickly to avoid a gap in coverage, so he and the team worked the phones furiously to get it all bound up and even give us some flexibility for higher limits and at least a few choices.”

Francis cites his work with tech clients as well as his willingness to tap third-party resources like law and accounting firms as a necessary part of his continuing education to help him understand the full spectrum of major challenges in this industry class.

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