Aon Broker Caroline St. Clair Recognized as a 2021 Real Estate Power Broker

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Caroline St. Clair, Vice President, Account Executive, Aon

Caroline St. Clair, ARM
Vice President, Account Executive
Aon, Denver

The hardening insurance market has been frustrating for Monroe Group, a Denver-based developer of affordable and Section 8 multifamily housing. Broker Caroline St. Clair is helping to make sure the company’s owners are up-to-speed and getting the best terms and premiums possible, said Justin Boyd, general counsel for the company.

“She’s gotten us in front of the carriers and done a great job during COVID of still coming up with creative ways to speak with these people, so we’re not just another name in a pile of applications,” Boyd said. “I think that’s made a big difference.”

Carriers, for instance, have been trying to exclude an essential liability coverage for Section 8 housing. But thanks to St. Clair’s relationships in the marketplace, Monroe was able to prevent the exclusion. “She’s just great at putting all the pieces together and getting all the people who are involved to work together,” Boyd said.

St. Clair also thinks ahead about coverage needs, a trait that has benefitted a growing data-center company. She reviewed and structured insurance programs as the company entered new markets and established a key strategic partnership. Despite rate increases across the market, St. Clair was able to secure a rate decrease for her client.

“Honestly, if it hadn’t been for Aon and Caroline, I’m not sure where we would be,” said a risk manager for the company. “She’s been the glue that’s kept it all together for us from a risk perspective.”

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