Beecher Carlson Broker John Costello Recognized as a 2021 Construction Power Broker

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John Costello, Assistant Vice President, Property Broker, Beecher Carlson

John Costello
Assistant Vice President, Property Broker
Beecher Carlson, Atlanta

“I always say, ‘conventional approaches give you conventional results.’ And so we always really push our brokers to think outside the box,” said Steve Upshaw, vice president of risk management at Equity Residential. 

“John Costello is really great at that. … He’s a young guy. He’s only been in the industry for less than 10 years, but he is just one of these guys who really kind of gets it.”

So, what does thinking outside the box look like?

When a large, publicly-traded client needed a one-of-a-kind, three-year global master builder’s risk program, one of the biggest challenges would be the ongoing management and administration of the program.

Costello built a quoting tool in Excel that streamlined the process, allowing the team to accurately and efficiency quote and bind multiple projects at once using a uniform methodology.

In a little over a year, Costello’s team bound more than 175 projects from around the world into the program, at one point binding 20 individual projects in a single day. 

That kind of innovation only works with a firm underpinning of industry knowledge.

“I feel like he has really committed himself to learn as much as he can about every aspect of his industry so that he can provide the best customer service possible,” said Cheri Richey, commercial office/structured finance associate at Bridge Investment Group. 

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