Alliant Insurance Services Broker Sherry Souders Recognized as a 2021 Health Care Power Broker

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Sherry Souders, First Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Sherry Souders
First Vice President
Alliant, Houston

When Envision Healthcare decided to make changes to its captive insurance program, the company relied on Sherry Souders to help get it right.

“We’re a sophisticated program so we have a lot of knowledge internally,” said Eric Gardzina, vice president of insurance and risk management for Nashville-based Envision, a national medical group that employs about 27,000 health care providers. “But it’s always good to have someone like her who we can call any time and trust her.”

That trust not only stems from Souders’ knowledge and experience but also from her relationships in the industry. “You have some immediate respect and trust for what she’s saying, knowing that she’s talking to the right people.”

Souders leveraged those connections for another client when it had to reprice its reinsurance for medical malpractice last year in what has been a hard market.

“Sherry was able to get us several offers and look at different models for sharing risk,” said an executive at the company. “The result was a program that enables us to continue to provide a terrific med/malpractice premium for our physicians.”

Another client faced a snag in its renewal. The client’s incumbent carrier rescinded its quote to add an undetermined COVID-19 exclusion. Having laid the groundwork even before the pandemic, Souders found a new lead. After extensive negotiations, she came up with a creative solution that managed to avoid any exclusions.

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