Foundation Risk Partners Broker Brett Pollak Recognized as a 2021 Health Care Power Broker

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Brett Pollak, Senior Managing Director, Foundation Risk Partners

Brett Pollak
Senior Managing Director
Foundation Risk Partners, Garden City N.Y.

Doctors can be choosy when it comes to the medical malpractice insurance their employers purchase.

But the market can be complicated, said Nisha Bhalla, vice president of operations and strategy for Refocus Eye Health, a group of eye practices with locations in Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

So Bhalla welcomed efforts by Brett Pollak to analyze the policies carried by the company’s doctors and come up with a lower-cost strategy that resulted in better coverage. And he helped explain it to the physicians, said Bhalla, who noted that the better coverage is a plus when it comes to the challenging task of recruiting doctors. “It’s really helpful to get them over the fence with us.”

That kind of work is what leads clients to describe Pollak as a true business partner.

“He’s awesome. He’s an extension of my resources,” said Gina Schroeter, chief administrative officer of ProHEALTH Dental, which operates 13 dental practices in New York and New Jersey. “He’s definitely one of my go-to people.”

When ProHEALTH Dental was shopping for health benefits last year, Pollak helped calculate the company’s expenses under different cost-sharing arrangements with employees.

“He not only does it, but then we will have at least two meetings where he’ll walk me through it and I’ll say, ‘That’s great but I want to see this,’ and he’ll re-do it for those numbers,” Schroeter said.

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