Aon Broker Kremena Vassileva Recognized as a 2021 At Large Power Broker

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Kremena Vassileva, Vice President, Aon

Kremena Vassileva
Vice President
Aon, Atlanta

Kremena Vassileva is an expert in complex financial situations.

This year alone, one client split from its parent company, another transitioned from publicly traded to privately held, and a third went through a complicated bankruptcy.

Vassileva got them all the coverages and rates they needed, educating the marketplace about the clients, and educating the clients about their changing insurance needs.

“She’s just extraordinary on our financial and management lines,” said Robert M. “Mike” Brown, risk manager at Kajima USA. A big part of this is knowing the industry and the people in it.

“[The carriers] respect her knowledge and they’re responsive to her,” said Kevin Raslowsky, VP, accounting, Shionogi Inc.

But maybe most impressive is how Vassileva managed these complicated situations in the midst of a global pandemic. “I don’t think COVID-19 has been particularly friendly to brokers. They’re accustomed to being able to get out and meet with people … they haven’t been able to do that,” Brown said.

“Kremena distinguished herself from the rest this year particularly, considering what we’ve been through with COVID-19. She appears to have been unaffected by that.”

Raslowsky agrees: “With the challenges we had to go through because of COVID, she had to spend a lot of time and effort working with those underwriters to make sure that she kept all of the company’s concerns in the forefront. She’s done a phenomenal job in maintaining our coverage at the most competitive prices.”

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