Gallagher Broker Jacob Crawford Recognized as a 2021 Agriculture Power Broker

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Jacob Crawford, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Jacob Crawford
Area Vice President

The food and agriculture space has suffered significantly from the shutdown of restaurants across the country.

Jacob Crawford and the rest of his Gallagher team were challenged to re-evaluate their clients’ risks, coordinate mitigation strategies, and adjust policies appropriately — all without the benefit of face-to-face interaction. 

Crawford helped clients identify new markets for inventory that would otherwise go to waste and new uses for facilities that would otherwise lay idle.

And he ensured their coverage would apply to any new exposures created by these shifts. His ability to keep an open mind, think creatively and pivot quickly is what helped some companies stay afloat through the most restrictive lockdown periods. 

But going above and beyond is not something Crawford does only in periods of crisis. According to his clients, the level of care and dedication he shows toward their businesses is consistently high.

“Jacob and his team come to my office at least once per month to see if there’s anything I need. He’s been especially helpful with the more difficult coverages, like D&O. Definitely I will continue to renew with him,” said the CFO of one food manufacturer. 

Crawford maintains expertise in the food and agriculture sector through membership in several industry associations, relationships with carriers that specialize in this space, and regular tours of his clients’ facilities.

Frequent check-ins and clear communication with clients and carriers have helped to make this disruptive year just a little bit smoother. 

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