Gallagher Broker Jeff Estes Recognized as a 2021 Public Sector Power Broker

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Jeff Estes, Senior Vice President, Gallagher

Jeff Estes
Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Ridgeland, Miss.

Steven D. Smith, president & CEO, Mississippi Municipal Service Company, insures hundreds of municipalities, so he knows what it means to deliver to customers: “In our relationships with a broker, we know it takes someone who has the same understanding, expertise and commitment to quality service to handle an account like ours.”

That person? Jeff Estes.

“He understands us and the coverage that best fits governmental entities. He also understands we’re a sophisticated client that needs a sophisticated broker.”

This sophistication and deep-rooted knowledge have helped save Smith and his municipalities time and time again.

“Jeff and his team serve as the broker for our excess workers’ comp policy. Jeff is an excellent broker and truly understands the importance in having and fostering solid business relationships with the carrier and client alike. He consistently brings successful and affordable renewals for us each and every year.”

Solid relationships ring true for Estes and his other clients.

Wayne East, executive director, Alabama Housing Authority Risk Management, noted Estes’ ability to facilitate relationships among pool members has been an asset and a blessing.

“We saw in some places that property renewals were up 70-90%. We didn’t know for sure the insurer would write us at all. It took a lot of work and restructuring on Jeff’s part.” The authority went from a $250,000 self-insured retention to $1 million. “Jeff explained to all parties why we needed this to get the best renewal rate for us.”

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