Wye River Insurance Broker Katherine Santarelli Recognized as a 2021 Real Estate Power Broker

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Katherine Santarelli, President, Wye River Insurance

Katherine Santarelli, CRIS
Wye River Insurance, Baltimore

Leaders at the real estate firm Bozzuto & Associates were so impressed by Katherine Santarelli’s brokerage work that they asked her to start a new company with them. Thus was born Wye River Insurance, a new brokerage that serves Bozzuto as well as other clients.

“I don’t know if I could ever find anybody better. She’s first class,” said Richard Mostyn, vice chairman of Bozzuto and the chief executive officer of Wye River.

Over the last year, Santarelli spearheaded development of a subcontract default insurance program and a workers’ compensation program for Bozzuto’s construction operations, using the company’s single parent captive.

“It’s a huge deal,” said Mostyn. The new arrangement led to lower costs and better coverage, making the company more competitive on bids, though it wasn’t an automatic sell. “All of this is new turf,” Mostyn said.

“When you start implementing something like that, you’ve got to get buy-in, and she was very good at coordinating people in the office and explaining the process.”

Santarelli also dug into a complicated situation for SHK Management Inc. SHK owns commercial and hotel space in a Manhattan condominium that it shares with residential users who were concerned they were being overcharged for insurance, said Rob Grossman, executive vice president of SHK.

“She was willing to roll up her sleeves and get in there and work with condo owners,” Grossman said.

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