Insurance Office of America Broker Howard Massey Recognized as a 2021 Hospitality Power Broker

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Howard Massey, Managing Director, VP, National Restaurant Division, Insurance Office of America

Howard Massey
Managing Director, VP, National Restaurant Division
Insurance Office of America, Longwood, Fla.

Many brokers win laurels for dealing with claims. For one client, Howard Massey took the teach-a-person-to-fish approach.

“We were having a lot of workers’ comp claims,” said one owner.

“Howard met with our team to discuss the problems we were having with our safety culture as a company. He then met in a session with all of the operations people to include owners, operations, managers and human resources, as well as risk managers. He then helped us develop based on that session some 52 active strategies customized for our 120 locations. He also helped us with the claims.”

The safety program is expected to have multiple long-term gains — and not just in productivity, morale and claims: “We are in a loss-sensitive captive,” said the owner.

“We can get as much as 62% of our premiums back each year based on our safety performance. This program is returning hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus we have a much safer environment for our employees, managers and guests.”

In another salvage operation, an owner credits Massey with resolving what had become a nasty situation.

“We had a workers’ comp claim under our previous broker. It was ignored, and the employee hired a lawyer who made things very difficult. When Howard took over, he and his team started tracking everything. They recommended legal services and got everything sorted. That claim was a huge worry, and insurance was something I’m not supposed to worry about.”

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