Gallagher Broker Paul Davis Recognized as a 2021 Cyber Power Broker

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Paul Davis, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Paul Davis, CCIC
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Chicago

A cyber Power Broker has to be more than responsive — given threat actors’ penchant for striking on late Friday afternoons and holiday weekends, he’s got to be ready to give every client his mobile number and respond to panicked queries at all hours.

In 2020 alone, broker Paul Davis fielded several such calls from clients as the post-COVID-19 data breaches ramped up at record pace, contacting their cyber insurance carriers to alert them about the event and help them figure out next steps.

None of that would have mattered, however, had his clients not had strong cyber programs in place in the first place. A grateful client spoke of Davis’ help getting a comprehensive cyber insurance policy for a university, associated health system and medical centers in place three years ago and continued assistance as the program has expanded to include additional campuses.

More recently, Davis helped the university conduct a tabletop exercise in the face of current threats facing the health care industry.

He regularly meets with leading cyber incident response vendors and reads daily industry reports to keep his knowledge sharp, and presents webinars to his clients in the higher education industry. It’s a commitment his clients notice.

They say he’s “incredibly smart” and “brings a level of sophistication” to the proceedings. “His work ethic and his easy-going approach make him a great collaborator, and we’re lucky to have him.”

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