Beecher Carlson Broker Amanda Lania Recognized as a 2021 Renewable Energy Power Broker

Amanda Lania, Assistant Vice President, Beecher Carlson

Amanda Lania
Assistant Vice President
Beecher Carlson, Boston

There’s an old expression, “Never borrow trouble,” but given the booming renewable energy sector, new facilities are being built and existing ones are being acquired in areas that are heavily exposed to natural catastrophes.

In any other year, a developer or acquirer would take into account what the added exposures would mean to its risk management. In 2020, a great deal on assets could be a deal breaker for renewing coverage.

“We had a solar facility acquired this year,” said one asset manager.

“It was very challenging from a Nat-CAT perspective. In a year where environmental hazards were all over the news, Amanda secured very favorable indications from our incumbent … then when we had to bind, they left us at the altar. She was able to persuade them to come back at least for a portion of our program.

It was a lot less, but at least a point of departure from which she was able to add following carriers. This all happened in a flurry. There was intense time pressure, and she was able to put the program back together in less than a week.”

Another client was not left in the lurch, but Amanda Lania still had to be resourceful: “Amanda guided us through a very difficult property renewal process this year. While we were not able to go through our traditional renewal process, Amanda worked with us in renewing through a captive program with our vendor. The process went more smoothly than I thought it would, and Amanda’s insight was invaluable.”

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