Aon Broker Bernhard Steves Recognized as a 2021 Manufacturing Power Broker

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Bernhard Steves, Managing Director, Aon

Bernhard Steves
Managing Director
Aon, Denver

Bernhard Steves works hand-in-hand with clients to manage product recall and product contamination risk.

One client was facing challenges with accurately forecasting its business to be placed in the correct category. The client was experiencing cashflow issues and could not afford to be rated with an incorrect premium.

Steves worked with the underwriters to provide an adjustable premium solution. The premiums were adjustable at the end of the policy term, allowing underwriters to accurately rate premiums based on the business’s actual risk. This accommodated for the difficulty of rating this type of business.

A client in the food manufacturing business had to pivot during COVID-19 and focus its operations on retail over restaurant. This brought new risks for the company and different challenges as it could not hold in-person reviews due to lockdowns. The client said Steves did not miss a beat.

Steves understands the importance of staying at the top of his field. For the last 10 years, he has authored Aon’s annual Emerging Trends in Product Recall and Contamination Risk Management Report, an extensive publication on product recall risk.

He also authors a monthly report on product recall updates, giving insight into regulatory issues, recall announcements and market capacity challenges. Educating himself and others and being an expert in his field is paramount to Steves.

One client appreciated Steves’ depth of industry knowledge: “He reviews policies and puts details and words to protect them.”

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