Aon Broker Christina Bergman Recognized as a 2021 Retail Power Broker

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Christina Bergman, Managing Consultant, Aon

Christina Bergman, CHRS, CWCP
Managing Consultant
Aon, Prescott, Wis.

The executive faced about a dozen high-dollar workers’ comp claims when he first came to the company, a retailer in the southeastern U.S.

“The longer that claim sits there, the bigger it gets,” the executive said. “So, the quicker you can close it out, the better off you are.”

Christina Bergman helped get it done and has been a fierce advocate for the company on other fronts, as well, said the executive. “She is relentless and fearless. She is pushing for every last dime for my company.”

The dimes add up, not just by dint of her effort on individual claims. Bergman sees her partnership with clients as an opportunity to improve how they handle claims in the first place.

For the Southeastern retailer, her suggestions included new claim-management protocols that led to more than $700,000 in annual savings for the company.

Bergman delivered similar savings for another retail client by conducting periodic reviews of open legacy claims in workers’ comp.

By asking the right questions and assessing the projected exposure, the company saved more than $500,000 on one high-value claim.

But her suggestions, based on her knowledge of the business itself, also benefit employees.

“She understands our company and what we do,” the executive from the Southeast said. “She can suggest ways to get them back to work, to light duty and so forth … She’s the one I can’t live without.”

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