Marsh Broker Melanie Waltrich Recognized as a 2021 Marine Power Broker

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Melanie Waltrich, Vice President, Marsh

Melanie Waltrich, ARM
Vice President
Marsh, New York

Just before renewal one client fielded what seemed like an innocuous question about contract language within a vessel-chartering contract.

The company was relatively new to chartering, and a further inquiry revealed the contracts had created significant, unanticipated exposure. 

Marsh’s Melanie Waltrich was able to help them through these uncharted waters. 

“We ship in excess of a $5 billion in goods worldwide so having a strong marine cargo program is essential to our supply chain operations,” said one director of risk management. 

“As a result of Melanie’s work, we were able to place a global vessel-chartering policy at the renewal with a starting limit in excess of $100 million.” 

Marine cargo has seen dramatic decreases in market capacity and increases in pricing over the past few years. 

“For our 2020 renewal, Melanie provided multiple, unique ideas on different program structures that had not been considered before,” said another risk manager. 

“Her work was pivotal in negotiating a successful renewal with limits same as the expiring policy and a manageable price increase. We still have those options for the future should more dramatic changes in the market occur.”

A third client stated simply that “when I think of outstanding service, I think of Melanie.”

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