Aon Broker Jessica Harger Recognized as a 2021 M&A Power Broker

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Jessica Harger, Managing Director, Aon

Jessica Harger
Managing Director
Aon, New York

Burnishing a reputation for tax expertise, Jessica Harger and her team at Aon explain the complicated issues in clear terms that enable clients to traverse what otherwise can be a minefield risk.

“If there’s anything we want to do with tax we would absolutely want her in our corner,” said Brian Benbow, associate, risk and insurance, at KKR Capstone.

He noted recent acquisitions of REITs, for which the reps-and warranties insurance differs somewhat from the norm and involves more tax issues.

Understanding those nuances is critical for a private equity firm engaging in upwards of 100 transactions annually in different industries and regions.

“Having an advisor who can boil down the issues into terms we understand, and put options in front of us on a short timeline so we can make quick decisions is invaluable,” Benbow said.

The vice president of tax planning at a major technology firm pointed to tax insurance that his highly acquisitive company often relies on, especially when due diligence prior to an acquisition finds past issues that were treated less than clearly.

“In the context of M&A transactions and other projects, this type of product can really clear the path to getting a deal done,” the executive said.

He added that Jessica’s strong relationships with carriers is a big advantage.

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