Gallagher Broker Billy Gage Recognized as a 2021 Captives Power Broker

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Billy Gage, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Billy Gage
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Lake Charles, La.

Finding affordable coverage in a tough market is hard enough, but if you can secure it at a significant cost saving for your client — that takes some doing.

Not only did Billy Gage manage to achieve this for client Denali, a waste and environmental recycling and disposal provider, but also another, Solar Supply, a wholesaler and distributor of heating and air-conditioning equipment.

Both clients had struggled to obtain a reasonable rate, because they operate in multiple states, as well as having loss histories of several years. But Gage analyzed their risks and insurance needs and decided to put both in a captive that provided them with the right coverage while delivering tangible cost savings.

As a result, this has helped them with their claims, and they were able to reinvest their savings back into their businesses instead.

“Billy has been fantastic through the years we have been with him,” said Dana Hebert, CFO of Solar Supply.

“He always brings us new, innovative ways to use our insurance dollars in the most cost-effective way. By bringing captive insurance groups to our attention many years ago, he transformed how we thought about commercial insurance. We appreciate the ability to pool our insurance dollars with other companies across the country to help control our insurance costs,” she said.

“He has also helped facilitate good relationships with other agents to help with other lines of coverage, such as health and personal lines for our owners’ personal coverage needs.”

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