Aon Broker Amy Klitzke Recognized as a 2021 Agriculture Power Broker

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Amy Klitzke, Senior Vice President & Team Leader, Aon

Amy Klitzke
Senior Vice President & Team Leader

This year has been tough on nearly every industry and the brokers who represent them, but if Amy Klitzke was ever overwhelmed by the specter of sharp rate increases, coverage restrictions or reduced capacity, she never let it show.

Rather, she was a force of calm for her clients. 

When she took charge of a new account earlier this year, just before a challenging renewal, “she very quickly devised a plan to expand our marketing and put together program structure options that could be presented to our executive team without breaking a sweat — or at least we never saw her sweat,” said the corporation’s risk manager.

“She was accessible for questions, and her professionalism in this effort was highly appreciated.”

Klitzke also succeeded in maintaining a preferred D&O program structure at minimal premium increases for another agribusiness client. 

“Our main goal was to maintain our lead insurer’s limits, which would help us with pricing throughout the tower and also more easily maintain the limits we currently purchased. Amy and her team engaged in early conversations with insurers and demonstrated what sets our company apart from others. Through this strategy, we were able to maintain the lead limits and tower capacity,” said that company’s insurance manager. 

“Amy recognized early on that our options would be more limited and presented us with several viable alternatives,” added the risk manager of another client company. 

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