Marsh Broker Pamela Tate Recognized as a 2021 Marine Power Broker

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Pamela Tate, Vice President, Global Marine Practice, Marsh

Pamela Tate
Vice President, Global Marine Practice
Marsh, Seattle

For several of Pamela Tate’s clients renewal was complicated by significant changes that took place in the London and United States markets, and by challenging loss histories. Some underwriters sought to increase deductibles by as much as 100%.

“By far my most challenging policy renewal was and continues to be our marine/stock throughput program,” said one risk manager.

“Pamela worked tirelessly moving pieces around and considering all options for how to best structure the program with a commitment to meeting our needs and providing cost effective options. She organized virtual meetings with various underwriters and markets where I could present our program and build relationships. That helped persuade several of them to see us as an attractive company to write.”

Another client echoed that sentiment.

“Marine is the line most under price pressure. Pamela did a great job trying to renew with our incumbent carriers this year. She identified early on the challenges we faced. That enabled us to shift gears and go out to the market. In the end the program we were able to place was not pretty but we did get it done in a timely manner, especially considering our move to a different market.”

The client added, “Pamela approached the process as if it were her money being spent for the premium and her exposures being covered. She made it that personal. That said, she was still professional and did not shy away from bad news. That was important because there was lots of bad news this year.”

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