Aon Broker Gregory Gatti Recognized as a 2021 Manufacturing Power Broker

Topics: Manufacturing

Gregory Gatti, Managing Director, Aon

Gregory Gatti
Managing Director
Aon, New York

Gregory Gatti has found success by being a zealous partner and advocate for clients. One large international client faced a challenge at renewal. Its long-term carrier planned to end all successive rate/renewal agreements going forward. The client wanted to retain this, however.

Leveraging his relationships, Gatti persuaded the carrier to agree to continue the SRA for another two, possibly three years. Working out the details of the SRA, Gatti spent time negotiating a mutually agreed upon rate structure.

Gatti limited increases by ensuring capped annual rate increases for the client. The carrier earned another $1 million in premium dollars by taking on warehouse exposure that was previously managed under a stock through put program by the client.

Shifting this risk to the carrier gave the client more consistency by including the exposure with the general program. At the same time, it leveraged the long-term carrier-client-brokerage relationship to benefit all parties.

Gatti’s approach to client service is to provide unwaveringly honest risk management discussions and empirical consultations based on metrics related to the client’s goals. For one client, his forthrightness was appreciated during the complex coverage situation in 2020.

The client noted: “Greg was instrumental in outlining what our coverage was, so we were not bullish to try to force something not covered.” This client did not have pandemic coverage and relied on Gatti to help deliver that message to senior leadership.

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