Aon Broker John Galanis Recognized as a 2021 At Large Power Broker

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John Galanis, Senior Vice President, Aon

John Galanis, ARM
Senior Vice President
Aon, New York

Shutdowns related to COVID-19 led to claims approaching $500 million for the New York-based Discovery Inc., according to Michael Egan, the TV channel’s vice president of global risk management.

John Galanis has played a role in getting Egan coverage.

But it’s not just Galanis’ post-claims work that’s making a difference; relying on his deep knowledge of the entertainment industry, Galanis contributed to the policy language that protects Discovery in the first place, Egan said.

“That helped a lot in getting these claims covered,” said Egan.

Another client, Chicago-based Daniel J. Edelman Holdings Inc., called on Galanis to create a wrap program for its subsidiaries in Europe, a move designed to save money, said Cheryl Romeo, director of corporate insurance risk management.

Even after the program was up and running under the aegis of overseas brokers, Galanis has been a valuable resource, Romeo said. “I don’t think there’s a question he hasn’t been able to answer.”

Galanis also has come up with creative solutions for insurance renewals in what is proving to be a challenging market for the entertainment sector.

“John is hands down the best broker I have had the pleasure to work with, and I have been working in the insurance industry for 17 years,” said a risk consultant at a California-based technology company.

“Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the entertainment industry, trends and evaluating production risk, but he is frank, honest and trustworthy.”

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