Gallagher Broker Tyler Van Fossen Recognized as a 2021 Manufacturing Power Broker

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Tyler Van Fossen, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Tyler Van Fossen
Area Vice President
Gallagher, Appleton, Wis.

Tyler Van Fossen faced many challenges alongside his clients in 2020. Van Fossen knew one large paper manufacturer client would encounter increases to premiums from the incumbent at renewal.

Knowing the challenges with finding alternative carriers, Van Fossen began working almost a year before renewal. He brought in a new carrier to do risk inspections at the client’s sites and mitigated any concerns immediately.

This year of preparation paid off. At renewal, the expiring carrier offered terms with increased deductibles and decreased capacity at a 75% increase in rate.

Because of the work Van Fossen had done with the competing carrier, he was able to secure better terms with the new carrier and present alternatives to the client.

Going with the new carrier meant a $200,000 in premium savings and lower deductibles. The client said, “We saved a significant amount of premium for comparable coverage.

“Tyler quickly and clearly guided us through the numerous steps we needed to take. He also led communication with the carrier over the multi-month process, resulting in a successful conclusion from our perspective.”

For another client, Van Fossen was successful in finding a standard market carrier to provide competitive coverage.

The client praised Van Fossen: “Our current business and new venture ideas are a challenge for carriers, so having someone who knows our business and can tell the appropriate story is essential. I appreciate his ‘can do’ attitude and ability to have the hard discussions.”

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