Gallagher Broker John Chino Recognized as a 2021 Public Sector Power Broker

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John Chino, Area Senior Vice President, Gallagher

John Chino, ARM-E, ARM-P, CSRM
Area Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Irvine, Calif.

Since John Chino came on as broker for New Mexico Counties, he’s helped restructure its programs.

Executive director Steve Kopelman explained New Mexico Counties has an accreditation program for its detention centers. Chino worked with the reinsurers to provide extra coverage up to $5 million for these centers that are accredited.

Another thing Chino did this year was negotiate with the Counties’ law enforcement reinsurer that was initially planning to pull coverage from one county after two large claims. Chino convinced the company to stay on with the county: “It was great, because we were still able to do business with them and get the coverage we needed,” Kopelman said.

James Curbeam, risk manager, Las Vegas Valley Water District, said, “John is a great, knowledgeable broker with deep expertise in the public entities’ arena … This year, he went to bat on my excess workers’ compensation policy.”

Curbeam heard the underwriters were looking at an increase. Chino hopped right on the phone to see what was going on. “He was able to, right away, articulate what my needs were and why an increase wasn’t necessary.”

Chino is the type of broker who includes clients in the process. He’s even the type of broker to make things happen, even without formal request.

“I saw a webinar with Gallagher folks in London, and I told John I was interested in what the brokers were saying,” Curbeam said. Within a day, Chino had watched the webinar himself and set up a meeting between Curbeam and his colleagues to discuss the issue in detail.

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