Marsh Broker Katie Johnson Recognized as a 2021 Private Client Power Broker

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Katie Johnson, Senior Client Advisor, Vice President, Marsh

Katie Johnson, AAI
Senior Client Advisor, Vice President
Marsh, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Serving as a broker for clients who own mega-yachts isn’t all smooth sailing for Katie Johnson, senior client advisor/vice president of Marsh Private Client Services, who sometimes deals with boats damaged by storm-tossed seas, saltwater corrosion and other issues that affect the vessels.

It’s not surprising that clients want to protect their yachts that cost in the range of $40 to $130 million and even more.

“I don’t have to call her. She’s always calling me to check in,” said Tristan Judson, captain/owner representative for Aqua Waterfront LLC and Boardwalk Limited.

Johnson came to the rescue when one of the yachts that Judson oversees was damaged by shipyard iron work that sent tiny particles into the air that landed on a yacht’s paint and rusted it.

Johnson succeeded in getting a $1 million claim paid in a process that Judson said “was very easy.”

Emile Bootsma, captain/owner representative for Blue Moon III Ltd., also has high praise for Johnson.

“She’s always one step ahead of me in identifying risks that could affect both the crew and the owner and helping us make smart decisions to adequately protect us while still allowing us to function somewhat normally in a world that seems to want to turn us on our head on a daily basis,” Bootsma said.

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