Marsh Broker Paul Copti Recognized as a 2021 Construction Power Broker

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Paul Copti, Senior Vice President, National Practice Leader, Marsh

Paul Copti
Senior Vice President, National Practice Leader
Marsh, Quebec

In the world of construction, delays cost money. The last thing you want from your broker is a holdup due to failure to find coverage. 

That was the situation facing Aéroports de Montréal as they were about to launch a multi-billion dollar, seven-year infrastructure/construction project. Their broker was unable to place a required $50 million in professional E&O insurance, due to the length of the term. And since it was November, most of the market capacity was already gone.

“They had been working for months on the file, and we were on the verge of defaulting on our contractual obligations,” said Sylvain Choinière, vice president of legal affairs and corporate secretary for ADM Aéroports de Montréal. 

But Choinière had worked with Paul Copti in the past and thought maybe he could help. 

“I remembered him as someone who was innovative and would go out of his way to get the job done,” said Choinière. 

“I gave him a call, and even though it was a Friday evening, he immediately came back to me and started to get at it. I gave him less than 30 days to get the placement done, which sounded impossible, but he told me on that Monday morning that he was confident he could find a solution for us. 

“I placed my trust in him to ensure we didn’t default on our obligations. And boy am I glad I did! Paul was able to deliver on his promise, on time, and even with the year-end looming and the term of the insurance. Paul saved the day.”

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