Gallagher Broker Jennifer Bolling Recognized as a 2021 Cyber Power Broker

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Jennifer Bolling, Regional Director, Cyber Liability, Gallagher

Jennifer Bolling, CCIC
Regional Director, Cyber Liability
Gallagher, Birmingham, Ala.

In 2020, Jennifer Bolling had to deal with an unpleasant but fairly routine occurrence: Finding a new carrier “home” for one of her clients that experienced some adverse claims activity.

This regional director of cyber liability applied the same kind of attentive customer service she’d use in any client situation.

In this case, it was critical for her to keep the client abreast of what was going on and set expectations for the marketing process. She told the client of the adverse situation and discussed her approach to the marketing process several months in advance; they then agreed upon the strategy.

During the marketing process, Bolling periodically checked in with the client to let them know how things were progressing so that the client was prepared to make a final decision.

For Brian Allen, CIO of Grange Insurance Association, Bolling’s superior customer service came as a welcome surprise as his company signed on with Gallagher during renewal period in 2020.

“She did a ton of legwork and looped us in, emailing us and answering all of our questions at all hours,” he said.

“She managed to increase our coverage while lowering our premium by 20%. I have nothing but positive things to say about working with her.”

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