Mosaic Broker Jamie Oliver Recognized as a 2021 Marine Power Broker

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Jamie Oliver, Senior Client Advisor, Mosaic

Jamie Oliver
Senior Client Advisor
Mosaic, New York

“Jamie has focused on our most difficult risk, which is securing insurance coverage for our [high-value inventory] via a stock-throughput program,” said the risk manager at one client with operations across the country. 

“Given the nature of our business, inventory must be stored outside where it is vulnerable to damage by windstorms, tornadoes, floods, hail. Market capacity for such risk is very hard to find, and when found is very expensive with onerous terms and conditions. The number of carriers that will entertain this risk continues to decline each year. 

“Jamie placed our risk with first-class carriers, but also at very competitive rates. He was able to get carriers to the table to hear about the measures we have put in place to mitigate the risk. If it were not for Jamie and the other members of his team, we would not have had as favorable a program structure, terms and conditions.”

Oliver spent extensive time with the client with a focused agenda on securing the renewal, creating an underwriting submission detailing the client’s loss-control program.

Armed with that, Oliver was able to present the risk to multiple insurers in comparison to historical losses. The key point was demonstrating how the current loss-control measures would reduce the impact if past weather events happened today. 

Oliver was able to place 40 percent of the program with new markets, all of which initially declined to write that client.

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