Alliant Insurance Services Broker Andrea Kiefer Recognized as a 2021 Finance Power Broker

Andrea Kiefer, Assistant Vice President, Account Executive Lead, Alliant

Andrea Kiefer
AVP, Account Executive Lead
Alliant Insurance Services, New York

The market for directors’ and officers’ coverage was difficult before 2020, with social inflation and climbing verdicts driving increased losses. The COVID-19 pandemic has only turned up the pressure.

Boards must be more diligent than every in detailing the financial impact of the virus and revising their expectations for the year ahead. In this environment, brokers will be challenged to secure D&O policies at minimal rate increases. 

It’s a challenge that Andrea Kiefer is up for. Going to market, she leveraged all of her resources to build an argument for why her client should be exempt from significant rate increases.

Using benchmarking data, she demonstrated the strength of her clients’ risk profiles and their competitive position in the financial sector. 

She also came armed with suggestions for alternative structures that would secure the limits her clients needed at pricing that carriers were comfortable with.

With this tactic, she was able to maintain the limits her clients needed while offsetting some increases in premium, even for companies that had sustained full limit losses.

At the same time, she was educating her clients about the reality of marketplace conditions and the potential for rate increases, creating realistic expectations. 

What really earns Kiefer the designation of Power Broker is her dedication to transparency and integrity. Whatever the circumstances may be, clear, complete and frequent communication is central to a positive outcome.

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