The Oswald Companies Broker Karen Sturm Recognized as a 2021 Private Client Power Broker

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Karen Sturm, Senior Client Executive, The Oswald Companies

Karen Sturm, CPRIA, CIC, CISR
Senior Client Executive
The Oswald Companies, Cleveland

When a client needed assistance in reviewing and auditing a family member’s coverage for multiple apartment units in Israel, Karen Sturm, client executive/vice president of the Oswald Companies, didn’t let a little thing like distance stand in her way.

The buildings weren’t part of a homeowners’ association and the family was concerned that there were significant coverage gaps. Sturm contacted Oswald’s Israeli Assurex partner firm which offered a coverage solution, as well as contract language translation and education.

“Karen went above and beyond in assisting to place coverage in Israel with a broker partner of Oswald,” said Germaine Martin, director of finance, RIK Enterprises LLC. “She stayed involved from day one and saw it through to the finish line.”

Sturm also excels at minimizing stress for clients who appreciate Sturm’s organizational abilities.

Erik Tuveson, manager of Hillenbrand Capital Partners, LLC., said Sturm altered renewal dates so they are all on the same date for a 31-person, three generation family and standardized their coverage, policies and deductibles.

“Once we came to agreement on those terms – as a family – our insurance discussions/renewal process became more high-level and pro-active,” he said. He adds the changes have helped them “to focus on risk mitigation and protection and not the minutiae of individual decisions on each and every policy that came through the door on different days of the year.”

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