Aon Broker Jan Cottini Recognized as a 2021 Construction Power Broker

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Jan Cottini, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Aon

Jan Cottini, CRIS
Senior Vice President, Managing Director
Aon, San Francisco

When your insurance needs are complex, you want a broker who is an expert. When a global pandemic multiplies that complexity by orders of magnitude, you need a broker who is a rock star. 

After opening a brand-new facility, a major academic medical center decided to embark on a five- to 10-year overhaul of their original facility.

Jan Cottini was instrumental in putting together the owner-controlled insurance program for the previous construction, so they turned to her once again for the renovation. 

“It’s pretty complex and complicated and Jan is really the expert in this area,” said the client. 

“She’s super helpful to me in giving me all that I needed to make decisions, bring it to senior leadership for approval and discussion, and really, really was instrumental in putting the foundation together for our consideration.”

But just when everything was in place, the pandemic hit. 

“Construction was stopped across the state,” said the client.

“We couldn’t get things started that we were expecting to start. And so that really put our insurance programs …in some uncertainty.” As the delays dragged on, the markets grew harder and harder, increasing that uncertainty. But Cottini had the extensive contacts and industry knowledge to keep the program in place until September 2020, when it finally became effective. 

“With her leadership and her expertise and insight, we were able to move forward and get this done,” said the client. 

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