Gallagher Broker Young Chol Kim Recognized as a 2021 Hospitality Power Broker

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Young Chol Kim, Area Assistant Vice President, Gallagher

Young Chol Kim, CIC, CLCS, SBCS
Area Assistant Vice President
Gallagher, Potomac Falls, Va.

Most Power Broker testimonials are enthusiastic, but circumspect.

Clients speaking about Young Chol Kim, however, came in with glowing reviews of his ability to get hospitality businesses much-needed insurance payments in the wake of COVID-19.

The principal of one client firm was frank about how Kim rallied to his cause in a disputed claim: “While insurance carriers backed out by denying all claims, Young persevered in serving us through this unprecedented situation by being resourceful, responsive and tenacious. He provided us with all information we could utilize during COVID-19, ranging from insurance policy forms, prior-claims scenarios, risk management tools, connection to legal networks, and updates on the pandemic.

“He fought the underwriters on our behalf to make actual endorsements rather by postponing payments, which would only have been a temporary fix that would eventually lead to large bills for us post-COVID.

Our cash flow was protected as we were able to first pay nearly no premium during the shutdown, then amortize balances using funds received from the stimulus packages.”

A CFO for another client related a similar situation.

“We had some facilities damages [not related to the pandemic] and suffered a loss of income from that. We were just not able to operate. Young spent a great deal of time getting the claim sorted for us. He especially found that we were eligible for extra claims,” the client said.

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