Aon Broker Julie Theirl Recognized as a 2021 Public Sector Power Broker

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Julie Theirl, Senior Vice President, Aon

Julie Theirl
Senior Vice President
Aon, San Francisco

Deborah Callahan, executive director and CEO, Washington School Risk Management Pool, has been working with school management pool leaders for years.

“CEOs and directors of these risk management pools get together every year to discuss ideas,” she said. “It’s been the most valuable thing for me. And now I have another critical collaboration.”

That’s because Julie Theirl has changed the game: Because of COVID, “Julie started a happy hour with the pool directors in California. And she invited me, even though I’m in Washington State.”

Theirl isn’t even Callahan’s regular broker; yet, Theirl knew Callahan held valuable insight.

“She formed this happy hour every other Thursday for all the pool managers. And it’s not your average, ‘How are you, I’m fine,’ conversation. We’re purposeful people. We’re sharing our thoughts, ideas and resources to continue to solve any issues,” said Martin Brady, executive director, Schools Insurance Authority in Calif. and one of Theirl’s clients.

“Julie had that foresight; she saw this vacuum during COVID and found a way to continue to connect people and solutions.”

“My organization isn’t even a client of Julie’s. I think that’s important to note,” added another happy hour attendee, Rose Burcina, executive director, Redwood Empire Schools Insurance Group. “Julie struck up the conversation to build a relationship. This goes beyond ‘sales and marketing.’ She’s not trying to sell us. She feeds us important and relevant information so we can do our jobs and educate our members,” Burcina said.

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