In Conversation: CorVel’s Jeff Gurtcheff on Solutions for the Talent Crisis

Jeff Gurtcheff, chief claims officer for CorVel, shares how the company's new recruitment and training initiative, CorVel University, is looking to address the talent crisis. 
By: | November 27, 2023

At National Comp 2023 in Las Vegas, Dan Reynolds, the editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance, sat down for a chat with Jeff Gurtcheff, chief claims officer for CorVel.

In addition to detailing some of the high points in his 30-plus year career in workers’ compensation, Gurtcheff explained the logic behind the CorVel University, the company’s new recruitment and training initiative.

“It’s no secret that the market as a whole has faced a lot of turnover,” Gurtcheff said. “We can’t sit around and wait to see what happens, we need to be proactive in seeking talent and growing our own,” he added.

What CorVel has launched is a training program in which a cohort of new hires are brought out to the company’s Irvine campus to learn and grow together over a week.

That’s followed by two weeks of in-home virtual learning, to be followed by another return to the Irvine campus. The hope is that recruits and new hires that go through this process together will come out of it with the types of bonds that make for a cohesive corporate culture.

“We’re starting small compared to what this eventually could look like,” Gurtcheff said. &

Ed. note: Gurtcheff, named below as CorVel’s Vice President, Enterprise Comp Services, has since taken on the role of Chief Claims Officer.

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