Marsh Broker Alicia Glover-Rendahl Recognized as a 2021 Renewable Energy Power Broker

Alicia Glover-Rendahl, Client Executive, Marsh

Alicia Glover-Rendahl, ARM
Client Executive
Marsh, Denver

When it comes to understanding the needs of her clients, Alicia Glover-Rendahl is top-notch. “Alicia has done a wonderful job,” said one financial executive.

This client faced a difficult renewal process for its general liability policy.

“My company is in the residential solar business and the business model is difficult to understand at a superficial level. With her understanding of our business and what is absolutely critical to it, she was able to educate the underwriters and structure a program that both met our needs as well as providing a level of comfort to the underwriters,” the client said.

“Alicia demonstrated what I want in a broker in that she truly worked to understand what was most critical to us, educated the underwriters to the unique needs of our business, and kept us well informed throughout the process.”

Another client credited Glover-Rendahl with a key role in completing a complex international transaction.

Many North American companies have sought collaborations with international partners that have greater experience in renewable energy. In this case there were complex contracts in a foreign language to review and locally admitted policies to bind all in just a matter of days.

And in a singular sign of the times, a third client hailed Glover-Rendahl for a renewal that was exactly that: A straight renewal with the incumbent carriers at its existing limits and with an increase in premium that was 25% less than originally anticipated.

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