Marsh Broker Christopher Maro Recognized as a 2021 Marine Power Broker

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Christopher Maro, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Christopher Maro
Senior Vice President
Marsh, New York

Whether it’s managing a set of complex risks or getting a client new to the industry up to speed, Marsh’s Christopher Maro is there.

For one client, Maro handles hull and machinery and protections and indemnity (P&I) for several special-purpose vessels.

“We have lots of extra risks due to the nature of our business. We also operate in some not-so-nice parts of the world. Our vessels trade through some of the most sensitive waters, and carry some particularly valuable cargoes. Taken together, that presents extraordinary exposures,” said one company executive.

In an all-too-typical situation, “I got about 12 hours’ notice before one of our vessels was about to enter a war-risk area,” said the executive.

“I needed to be sure our coverage was all buttoned up. For last-minute coverage owners expect to get hammered. We got the opposite from Chris: market-level pricing even though we were very late to the party. I can say he’s on our side, but then so can the insurers. He’s an honest broker.”

Another client had less complex needs, but was new to marine insurance.

“Chris stepped in after our previous broker left,” said one risk manager.

“He did a fabulous job. I’ve got land-side construction experience, but not much in marine. Chris not only stepped into his new role, he helped me with mine. He conducted a gap analysis and suggested we move our P&I coverage to a club, and worked with me to support the decision at our board. [We’ve] decided to move another part of our program to him.”

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