Marsh Broker Gavin Spencer Recognized as a 2021 Transportation Power Broker

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Gavin Spencer, Senior Vice President, North American Logistics Leader, Marsh

Gavin Spencer
Senior Vice President
Marsh, San Francisco

When your business is shaking up traditional models, you need a broker who not only understands your insurance needs but who also fully understands your business and can explain it in a way that makes sense to underwriters.

“Gavin Spencer really is out front of the industry and understands that trucking and the role of the intermediary in domestic trucking is changing rapidly,” said one client, the director of compliance at a digital freight network.

“Technology is at the core of our business in that we use automation and machine learning,” said the client. “That has helped us grow really fast, but also, when we look to insure against our risks, it’s been challenging, because a lot of underwriters don’t understand how we are different.”

Spencer and his client flew in the underwriters for a day of presentations and meetings, so they could fully understand the client’s business model.

“That helped us create some very healthy relationships with some of the underwriters,” said the client. “It helped them get excited about what we’re doing and then write coverage for us that helped us address some of the really unique needs of our business.”

Julie Zimmer, head of insurance at Flexport, had a similar experience. “He spent a lot of time educating himself, not just about our insurance program, but about how our system works,” Zimmer said.

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