Marsh Broker Susan Webb Recognized as a 2021 Workers’ Comp Power Broker

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Susan Webb, Senior Claims Advocate, Marsh

Susan Webb, ARM
Senior Claims Advocate
Marsh, Seattle

Retail and food production businesses have a host of unique workers’ compensation concerns — especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Often considered essential businesses, these firms now have the added stress of worrying whether workers will contract the virus on the job.

In order to focus on successfully running their businesses, they need a broker who can help them find the right partnerships and can help develop unique solutions should any concerns arise.

Clients say that Susan Webb is just the woman for the job.

“Susan understands our business extremely well,” one client said. “She manages the professional expertise with a degree of human warmth so that it doesn’t feel like work. It’s really a pleasure to work with Susan.”

A large seafood client with unique workers’ compensation concerns sought Webb’s help when it decided it wanted to transition from one TPA to another.

While it had been with the previous TPA for a number of years, the client wanted to find a partner that would employ a more proactive and creative approach to resolving claims.

Webb analyzed the company’s loss history, found that it had a high number of open claims and long case durations, and helped find a TPA that helped lower its losses significantly this year, despite continued operation during the pandemic.

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