Marsh Broker Richard Ashe Recognized as a 2021 At Large Power Broker

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Richard Ashe, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Richard Ashe, CPCU
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Syracuse, N.Y.

Being a subject matter expert proved invaluable to Richard Ashe when a new client approached him with a tricky site contamination problem.

A year after the sale of a property, the buyer informed his client of the discovery of a new contaminant similar to and in greater quantities than the one found prior to the purchase, demanding payment for clean-up and removal costs.

The client submitted the claim to its insurer; however, it was rejected on the grounds of the known condition exclusion. Successfully arguing that the chemical make-up of the two contaminants was markedly different and creating a site map to show their delineation, as well as pointing to supporting language in the exclusion, he got the insurer to reverse its decision.

Since then, it has issued an initial payment of more than $800,000 with projected additional costs estimated at above $1 million.

In the process, Ashe also saved his client substantial legal costs. “Richard came in and grasped the situation from day one,” said the client. “He was instrumental in turning around the decision and getting the claim paid, without which we would have faced a huge financial bill.”

Another client, Renée Guignard, risk management director and associate general counsel at MaineGeneral Health, said: “Richard is very responsive and provides invaluable feedback on how to address a situation. His customer service is impeccable, and he sets the bar high.”

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