Aon Broker Jillian Slyfield Recognized as a 2021 Technology Power Broker

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Jillian Slyfield, Digital Economy Practice Leader, Aon

Jillian Slyfield, CIC, CRM
Digital Economy Practice Leader
Aon, San Francisco

Jillian Slyfield got where she is by working with clients that are disruptive to legacy industries, and she does so with aplomb.

Curtis Scott, global head of insurance for Lyft, noted Slyfield’s special ability to cater to the client’s needs and expectations. “She molds the solution specifically to your exact needs; nothing is off the shelf with her,” he said.

Scott added that Slyfield was able to provide a “unique perspective on things like micromobility.”

The results? Stunning.

Slyfield closed a novation agreement for Lyft with two insurance carriers — a transaction which eliminated nearly all of Lyft’s primary auto insurance liabilities previously held by its captive for the 2015 through 2017 loss periods. This transaction totaled roughly $465 million in auto liabilities. She transferred all losses in those years to a new TPA, further complicating the novation transaction.

It is the largest transaction of its kind and the first to ventilate a sharing economy captive.

In micromobility, Slyfield also served Lime this year, with similarly excellent results.

Lime was instrumental in the creation of a pan-European insurance program that automatically provides Lime riders with both personal accident and third-party liability insurance — at no cost to the rider.

Rob MacKethan, VP of insurance and risk management at Lime, said, “She individually is extremely responsive, really attentive to not just her clients’ current needs, [and] anticipating future needs and addressing gaps in the market with creative solutions.”

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